Stuck somewhere with nothing to do? SKYmobi has got something for you! You can now watch your favorite SKYcable shows whenever you want, wherever you are!

Here are five situations that prove SKYmobi slays!

Traffic can’t stop SKYmobi

You don’t have to experience the horror of sitting through heavy traffic, longing for your destination. Distract yourself with the latest episodes of “American Horror Story” season 6. Just don’t scream in the car when you get scared.

SKYmobi won’t let you down

Are you that friend who’s always early for meet-ups? Don’t feel bad that you have to wait! Take this time to catch up on the SKYcable shows you love. Check up on how “Gotham” is doing, or maybe join the FBI agents of “Quantico” and figure out who among them can’t be trusted.

SKYmobi goes wherever you will go

You don’t ever have to miss the latest episode of “How to Get Away With Murder,” even if you’re travelling. Whip out your SKYmobi and stay up to date with your favorite law students even though you’re camping in Sagada.

SKYmobi time is bonding time

Your daugther wants to watch “We Bare Bears” but your husband and his friends are watching a basketball game. Good thing there’s SKYmobi! You and your daughter can watch the most lovable bears on TV on your laptop, phone or tablet while chilling on the bed! This way, nobody has to fight about switching the channel.

Avoid spoilers with SKYmobi

Missed the newest episode of Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash? Fret not! SKYmobi will protect you from spoilers! You don’t have to worry about finding out how the new season of the hottest superhero shows started because you can find out for yourself by watching through SKYmobi.

SKYmobi is ready to give you what you want, right when you want it. With 3 plans to choose from – SKYmobi Plan 499, SKYmobi Plan 999, and SKYmobi Plan 1499 – you can look forward to the power of internet and cable experience on a single device anywhere you go. Call 381-0000 or visit www.skymobi.com.ph to subscribe to SKYmobi Pocket WIFI now!


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