Catch an Encore Presentation of the BA Special Documentary “Beyond News: 15 Years of Balitang America”

This Thanksgiving, TFC’s flagship newscast, BA, will be showing an encore presentation of their one-hour documentary Beyond News: 15 Years of Balitang America.  The first part of the one-hour documentary will be telecast on November 23, Thursday and part two will be shown on November 24, Friday, 6:45 P.M.   Beyond News highlights the beginnings, the growth and the impact of BA in the last 15 years.

BA Executive Producer Troy Espera says they are excited to have another opportunity to share the documentary with viewers across North America. Espera shares that the men and women behind BA “feel so much gratitude to our Filipino community for not just watching our newscast, but for fueling our newscast with their stories, their insights, and the countless tips and leads they give us about news that they want to see. So, sharing the story of BA again with them during the Thanksgiving break, a story they very much helped create, is just one way for us to express how grateful we are to our viewers and community.”

BA has been the leading news source for Filipinos in North America since 2002. It is the only daily newscast that covers anything and everything that matters to Filipino Americans and Filipino Canadians.

The team takes their commitment and responsibility to provide fair and balanced journalism very seriously. Former North America News Bureau Chief Ging Reyes, now the Head of Integrated News and Current Affairs at ABS-CBN Corporation, emphasizes that the mission and the challenge for BA is “still to go after the truth, to tell the stories, to dissect issues and present those issues the way they would really affect people and make sure people understand how these issues will really have an impact in their lives.” Espera echoes Reyes’ statements and admits that the BA team debates, researches, and does fact checking daily. “At the end of the day, our goal is to be balanced as possible. It can be challenging at times, but this work is part of the BA team’s DNA.”

In return, viewers in the U.S. and Canada express their gratitude and appreciation to BA for reporting news that matter to the Filipino American and the Filipino Canadian communities. Espera shares that “In this age of social media, it’s fantastic how much of a direct line our viewers have to us on BA. Viewers frequently reach out to us, via Facebook or Twitter, to thank us for reporting on certain topics that impact them, for teaching them new things in our reporting, and for highlighting fellow Filipinos who make all of us in the community proud.”

Aside from the replay of the BA special, another fun way that BA is expressing their gratitude to their followers and viewers is through a BA15 Trivia Contest on Facebook. Every Friday, a trivia question about BA is posted on the official Facebook pages of BA, TFC-US, and TFC-Canada. Viewers who would like to participate can leave their answer as a comment on the post, and they will be entered into the drawing for an exclusive BA15 duffle bag. Two winners will be announced every Monday.

BA is giving away this limited-edition BA15 tote bag to winners of their BA15 Trivia Contest on Facebook. Go to or or to join.

BA remains committed to produce stories that empower and news that connect our viewers for the years to come.

ABS-CBN North America Managing Director Olivia De Jesus proudly shares that “BA is the only daily news program made for Filipino Americans and Filipino Canadians. So, that is as current and as relevant as you can get. We have a wide network of reporters and correspondents. So, if you want your dose of news and community features, BA is the platform to go to.

Watch Beyond News: 15 Years of Balitang America (Encore Presentation). Part 1 is on Thursday, November 23 at 6:45 P.M. and Part 2 is on Friday, November 24 at 6:45 P.M. on TFC.

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