Put your rain gear on as Hero TV brings you the ultimate anime storm this July with two power-packed anime series!
Fantasista Dolls


The director of “Code Geass” Gorô Taniguchi and 2013 Tokyo International Film Festival nominee Hisashi Saitô give us a new anime masterpiece about five extraordinary dolls.


Uzume Uno, who used to be an elite card player and champion, is given a special device with five powerful cards which she can use to summon artificially intelligent female warriors known as “Fantasista Dolls.” They follow every command given by Uzume, and in return, she fearlessly fights alongside her dolls in various battles.


Never miss a quest and be sure to catch them beginning on July 8 at 6:30 PM.


Buddy Complex


From the creator of Gundam, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Tiger & Bunny, and Yakitate!!! Japan comes a new exhilarating story about an ordinary high school boy named Aoba Watase.


One day, he was attacked by a giant robot and rescued by his classmate, Hina Yumihara, who emerges from a giant robot of her own. She tells him cryptically that “Dio is waiting,” and sends him seventy years into the future where he begins a new life as a pilot of the Free Pact Alliance.


Come and join in the fun and adventure as Buddy Complex premieres on July 11 at 8 PM.


Series that you missed!


Relive the saga of your favorite anime characters with these returning titles on Hero TV: Cuticle DetectiveDate a Live IIDigimon SaversFate/Kaleid: Liner Prisma IllyaFood Wars: Shokugeki No SoumaHetalia: The Beautiful WorldInitial D: Second StageKuroko’s Basketball Season 2, One Week Friends, Yowamushi Pedal, and Yuyushiki.
Have your supreme entertainment fix this rainy season with Hero TV! Catch all these and more only on the number one anime cable channel in the country.

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