“Finally Found Someone” is still letting out the feels on its 2ndWeek in theaters across the U.S. and Canada

Blockbuster Royalties John Lloyd Cruz (Raffy) and Sarah Geronimo (April) reunite in “Finally Found Someone.” (Photo courtesy of Star Cinema.)

UrbanDictionary.com describes “the feels” as the feeling you get and can’t quite explain, making you go crazy when that certain someone looks at you just the right way, or really, does anything.”

This is exactly what “Finally Found Someone” is making viewers experience while watching the Sarah Geronimo-John Lloyd Cruz starrer. Some came out of the theaters saying “It was really great! I really love the movie and I think it’s amazing!” “I’m so kilig! Cute nila pareho.” “It’s a wholesome movie. We Filipinos like this kind of story.” “For those who can’t find their true love yet, this movie is perfect for them.” “Ithas everything. May romance, may drama, and may comedy.” Sumasabog sila sa screen!”(They blow up the screen)

John Lloyd Cruz is Raffy, a PR expert who was hired to fix things and make April (Sarah Geronimo) happy once again. (Photo courtesy of Star Cinema.)

Catch Blockbuster Royalties Geronimo and Cruz as “Finally Found Someone” hits its second week in 52 theaters in the U.S. and in 14 theaters across Canada, and experience “the feels” that fans everywhere are talking about.

April, played by Sarah Geronimo, wanders along the streets of the city in search of her groom who left her on their wedding day. (Photo courtesy of Star Cinema.)

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