Screen grab from Myx TV’s PSA, “The Invisible Vote

With the U.S. elections just 8 days away, one minority group is fiercely trying to defy perceptions and is fighting to make its collective voice heard loudly.

In an article that was published on last September, Asian American writer Alex Wagner accurately captured why Asian Americans face the challenge of being called, “The Invisible Vote”:

“Asians in America, a diverse, polyglot bunch, and a growing share of the electorate, remain mostly invisible in the American political debate. Like nearly every other electoral subgroup in U.S. polling, ‘Asian’ is a label that masks the diversity among its peoples—perhaps even more than ‘Hispanic’ belies the significant variances between the cultures designated as such. Asians also combat American laissez faire: They are widely (if falsely) viewed as independent, non-ideological and economically successful. They may be voters, but they aren’t understood to be broadly influencing party platforms, the handful of prominent Asian-American elected leaders notwithstanding.”

This is why Myx TV, a leading English-language multicultural Asian American entertainment network, decided to do something about it, especially for what many consider as one of the most important elections in U.S. history.

Myx TV came up with a “get out the vote” (GOTV) PSA and tapped Asian American Hollywood celebrities: Taiwanese American Michelle Krusiec and Christopher Sean (whose mother is Japanese) of Hawaii Five-O, Filipino American musician AJ Rafael, actor Dante Basco, actress Leslie-Ann Huff of The Vampire Diaries and Isaiah “DJ Icy Ice” Dacio of The Beat Junkies, and actress Becky Wu (whose father is Taiwanese) of American Horror Story: Roanoke and Myx TV’s Cast Me.

The result is a powerful TV and online election public service message called, “The Invisible Vote”, produced by Myx TV Digital Producer Diana Vergara and executive produced by Myx TV General Manager Miguel Santos.

Below are excerpts from the script of Myx TV’s “The Invisible Vote” PSA which can be viewed via this link . The PSA was also shown to thousands of attendees at the recently held concert, “Halo-Halo at Sari-Sari: A Celebration of Filipino American History Month” held at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles:


Screen grabs from Myx TV’s PSA, “The Invisible Vote 

“What would happen if 9.3 million voters were invisible?

What would happen if the needs of the fastest growing group in the U.S. are ignored?

Would our accomplishments disappear?

Would our struggles not be heard?

Approximately 17 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders reside in the United States.

We have been part of this great country for over 150 years.

But our political representation is far below the size of our population.

AAPIs are rarely targeted by political parties.

Did someone forget we’re individuals with political values and beliefs?

We can’t afford to be ignored.

We need to unleash our political power.

It’s time to vote… vote… VOTE.

Because if we don’t

Who’s going to represent our stance on immigration?

Who’s going to decide how laws affect our families?

Who’s going to voice our stance against violence?

Who’s going to make sure that our children has an equal choice on education or health care?

Beside every one of us, there’s a story that wants to be told

And a future that wants to be built.

But no one can build it for us.

And no one can speak for us.

It is our privilege and it is our right and our responsibility


You can’t complain if you don’t try to be noticed.

You won’t be heard if you don’t speak up.

That’s why this November

I refuse to be ignored.

I refuse to be invisible.

I’m registering to vote.

I’m voicing my opinions.

And you should join me….

It only takes 5 minutes to make yourself visible.

And prepare to use your vote.

Not just for your future… but for ours, too.”

In the article written by R. Thomas-Umstead entitled, “A Campaign That Entertains”, Santos emphasized that “a diverse offering of voices and images on television helps to assure that all voters have a chance to have their issues and concerns heard.”

Santos said: “It’s important for multicultural networks to ensure that their viewers feel like they have a voice and their needs are being addressed.”

Myx TV has been recognized for its out-of-the-box shows and promotion of diversity in entertainment and society.



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