It seems shows nowadays like playing with viewers’ feelings by killing off beloved characters. There are shows, which execute fan favorites in season finales and even premieres. “American Horror Story” (FX!) is known to take things further by killing almost an entire season’s cast. Shondaland shows are not immune from this phenomenon. Sought after doctors and lawyers are taken out every now and then is Shonda Rhimes’ shows. Most shows feature straight forward deaths, while “How To Get Away With Murder” taunts us with it.

In the sixth episode of the current season of this legal drama we learned that the dead body found inside Annalise Keating’s (Viola Davis) house is male. Now, by process of elimination (no pun intended) since the second episode, we know that Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), Asher (Matt McGorry), and Connor (Jack Falahee) are alive. That leaves only three men in Annalise’s life who could be, well, lifeless.

Wes, Frank, or Nate. Honestly, right now it could be any of the three. Either of their deaths could make Annalise cry her eyes out the way she did. Wes (Alfred Enoch) is like the son she almost had. Not to mention she had a hand in his becoming an orphan and thus has a strange maternal relationship with him. Frank (Charlie Weber), despite their violent estrangement, is still someone who went into the trenches with her and that’s something that still has weight with her. Lastly, who wouldn’t cry over a man like Nate (Billy Brown)?

However, the mystery of the identity of the body isn’t the only thing keeping viewers hooked. Lauren (Karla Souza) is pregnant and the baby daddy is still a question.

The fan theory going around is that Connor might cross to the dark side and actually kill someone, and that someone could be him. This comes after Connor threatened to kill Wes if he delivers Frank’s confession to killing Wallace Mahoney to the police. Think of this twist: what if the body is Wes’ and Connor is the killer. It could be quite possible since nobody knows where either of them are.

Don’t forget to watch the seventh episode this Friday to find out who among the three isn’t the man under the sheet. We’ll also get to see Michaela’s (Aja Naomi King) adoptive mother and we’ll see why she admires Annalise so much.

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