“Music is to the soul as food is to the body” and “laughter is the best medicine” are two of the most popular adages that agree on one thing — that both music and laughter can be therapeutic.  Two of ABS-CBN’s most-loved artists showed that rhythm and comedy can truly both nourish and heal at the three-night, three-city musical experience “Kapamilya Day” early June which did not only bring back memories from home for the audience but also moved the performers themselves.

The “Kapamilya Fun Day”, an annual event which just started in Australia last year and has been giving an opportunity for global Filipinos in the cities of Australia to meet and interact personally with their favorite Kapamilya stars, first brought “Queen of RnBKyla, “World ChampionJed Madela, and comedian Negi to the “Kapamilya Fun Day” in 2016.  This time TFC shared the music of “Soul DivaJaya with a second serving of “Unkabogabol Sidekick, Negi.

Jaya and Negi first shared their performances on June 1 at the Grand Ballroom of Doubletree by Hilton Esplanade in Darwin; the second leg on June 3 at the DiverCiti Centre in Brisbane; and the last leg on June 4 at Octagon Theatre, University of Western Australia in Perth.

Jaya had everyone singing with her as she belted out her all-time favorite hits, during their three-day show in Australia.

The three-night show proved the healing effects of music as brought by Kapamilyas as Jaya as she recounted how she lost her voice right before the kick off and then got it back in time. “I was losing my voice during my stay due to allergies,” she recalled. “I mentioned it to the audience but they didn’t seem to be bothered by it. Instead they just listened and sang along and applauded me and Negi with much love and warmth so much so that my voice just came back all of a sudden.”

Jaya did not let the opportunity pass to interact with the Kapamilyas in Australia. She even granted a selfie photo op with some kababayans

The Soul Diva added: “Of course, I prayed to Jesus that He may give me my voice back and so He did — praise His grace. He truly made me survive three shows with much ease all throughout”.

Jaya filled the three-day show with music that has been identified with the Philippines’ Soul Diva: “Dahil Nga Ba sa Kaniya”, “Laging Naroon Ka”, and “Wala na bang Pag-ibig”.


During their show in Darwin, Jaya invited three members of the audience to go on the stage and perform with her to the tune of some of her hit songs.

Turning the concert into a veritable videoke, the audience sang almost every line.  Giving in to the karaoke vibe, Jaya approached the audience and let them sing a few lines. Jaya even invited three audience members to go onstage and perform with her during their show in Darwin.

The “It’s Showtimehurado also performed all-time favorite hits by Original Pilipino Music (OPM) icons Basil Valdez, Apo Hiking Society, and Ric Sigreto

Negi (right) got carried away with Jaya’s (left) song numbers that he didn’t let the opportunity pass and asked her to do a duet with him

Unable to contain himself, Negi finally joined Jaya at the end of each leg.

Negi shared non-stop laughter when he exchanged banters with the Kapamilyas who joined the Papogian with the Boys segment.

Meantime, Negi was in his element, taking charge of the entertainment, making everyone laugh their hearts out, especially during the “Papogian With the Boys” segment where he exchanged banters with the selected participants.

The TFC Trivia Game was facilitated by Negi, who gave away limited TFC Australia merchendise to the members of the audience who answered correctly.

The comedian also challenged the Kapamilyas to a “TFC Trivia Game” where lucky participants took home limited TFC Australia merchandise for every correct answer to every question about the shows airing on TFC.

Truly, each year Kapamilya Fun Day is a different experience from the other.  ABS-CBN Asia Pacific Regional Marketing Head Eric Martin Santos said: “Whenever we bring our Kapamilya stars to our TFC events, we experience the warm welcome from overseas Filipinos.  So noting how music and laughter connect and entertain our kababayans in Australia, we try to bring a new kind of experience each time, combining talents who complement each other and performers who will do everything to make the show a success”.

Jaya and Negi also shared their excitement in bringing entertainment to the Kapamilyas in Australia.

Jaya (right) and Negi (left) spread positive vibes in Australia as they performed at the 3-dayTFC Australia Kapamilya Fun Day in the cities of Brisbane, Darwin, and Perth

“I felt so at home there,” Jaya said about their three-night show in Australia. “It was an absolute joy to perform in Australia and the Filipino kababayans are just so receptive and warm and totally open and welcoming to the artists that perform for them”.

This was echoed by Negi who enthusiastically addressed the audience: “Mga Kapamilya, maraming maraming salamat po sa mga nanood ng concert namin ni Ms. Jaya!”

Truly, the three-night show became a venue for the Filipino Community in Australia to come together and make music and entertainment inspire and motivate.

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